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Help Santa get in, and help me out *

Did your family's chimney come down in the September earthquake? Does you house lack a fireplace? How will Santa get in to visit you?

NEVER FEAR! Santa has asked me to help out in his busiest season and distribute these keys to Christchurch homes (and any one else who needs one). With a magical Santa key you can still have presents delivered to your tree on Christmas morning.

Just hang this special key outside your door and Santa will use it to get into the house. Because it's magic, only he can use it and if anyone else tries, it won't fit the locks.

Each key is hand crafted and unique and is sent with a personalised letter from Santa addressed to the child/children of the house explaining what the key is and how to use it. I can make them to order to suit any budget from $1 to $20, or even as high as $200 if you really want (that would be awesome, yes please).

The letter in the photo is an example of a letter to someone who lost their chimney in the quake, but every letter will be individually written (by Santa) to suit the circumstances of each household eg. living in an apartment without a chimney or the fireplace is boarded up, it might be a GPS key to tell Santa where you've gone on holiday or where you're living now, or to let him in because your house only ever had electrical heating.

a more basic key     the deluxe key
A $3 key and a $15 deluxe key

For an extra $3-5 keys can be packaged in a special gift box. I can even hand deliver them (in Chch) for a small fee too.

anna-maria.covich at pg.canterbury.ac.nz or 021 211 6124

*My regular (casual) job at Canterbury Uni has finished up for the year, so I'm left quite a bit short each week until I can find more work. If you know of any part time/casual work in Chch for someone with pink hair, I'm keen to hear about it too.
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