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In Auckland

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[11 Jan 2013|05:24pm]

Hullo! So I'm here in Auckland, looking for advice on a few things:

A butcher in the central city (looking for chicken specifically)
A wholefoods retailer in the central city (oats and spices specifically)
Best place for cheap electronics (a radio alarm clock specifically)

Can anyone help? :)
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Moving to Auckland for study. [29 May 2012|07:57am]

Hi! I'm going to be moving to Auckland to start studying at AUT in Semester Two. I've lived in Wellington my whole life and I don't really even know where to start! I'm hoping some locals might be able to give me some advice.

My main concern is accomodation. I'm thinking my best bet is to shack up in a student hostel initially, and then find a flat ASAP. I won't have work right away so I'll be relying on the student allowance initially.

Can anyone recommend good hostels near AUT? Within walking distance (I'm a good walker) is ideal, or otherwise along bus routes. I'm female, so safety is a concern (both with the hostel and with the travel). Lastly I'm 29 and would prefer not to be stuck with partying 18yos, although since this will ideally only be temporary accomodation I can live with it.

Any other advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated as well! Thanks very much. :>
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[30 Mar 2012|11:50am]

[ mood | pleased ]

Hi all, I've just got a job on the North Shore and while I'm ecstatic to be working I'm going to need to move over there. Trouble is it has been a long time since I've needed to move anywhere in Auckland. I'll be looking for a place to live that is suitable for a twenty-something, professional single.

Where are the best places to look? (websites, publications, etc)
What sort of rent/costs will I be looking at?

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Hair colourists in Auckland? [14 Jun 2011|10:31am]

Hi guys

Where can I go to get truely kick-arse colour in Auckland (for not too much money, preferably)? I'm not after a full cut, just colour. Somewhere in the central city/Newmarket/Mt Eden areas would be preferable, I'm not hugely mobile at the moment.
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Help Santa get in, and help me out * [28 Nov 2010|01:29pm]

Did your family's chimney come down in the September earthquake? Does you house lack a fireplace? How will Santa get in to visit you?

NEVER FEAR! Santa has asked me to help out in his busiest season and distribute these keys to Christchurch homes (and any one else who needs one). How I can helpCollapse )
*My regular (casual) job at Canterbury Uni has finished up for the year, so I'm left quite a bit short each week until I can find more work. If you know of any part time/casual work in Chch for someone with pink hair, I'm keen to hear about it too.
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Check this out before they take it down - very funny [20 Sep 2010|08:43am]


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A new store for the ladies [18 Aug 2010|11:47pm]

I've just started an online store selling reusable menstrual products.

I specialise in menstrual cups (sometimes known by the brand name mooncup) and washable cloth pads at the moment, but may branch into other products, such as sponges and cloth tampons, at a later date.

I'm still getting up and running, so don't have every brand in stock just yet (international post is sooooo sloooooow), but I will be stocking these cup brands: Diva, femmecup, fleurcup, iriscup, lunette, ladycup, mooncup, Keeper moon cup, meluna, miacup, shecup, and Yuukicup (naturecup too when they are available). Some are here already, others are in transit.

I will also have as broad a range of locally made and imported cloth pads as I can, including some I make myself.

The website is www.environmenstruals.co.nz.

Every now and then I make it up to Auckland, so I can occassionally offer the option of bringing samples for people to see and play with (not try though). When I'm not travelling though, I am happy to chat on the phone or online to help you select the best products for you.

I hope to be saving you all hundreds of dollars each very soon.

*I'm also keen to hear from anyone who makes pads and pouches who may want me to stock their wares.
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Super Size Me [14 Aug 2010|04:58pm]

"Super City" elections are on - with every sign I look at I see the words - "Help me help myself".

at your expense.
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Advice? [01 Jun 2010|06:17pm]

Hi all,

I want to look up the history of a shop that burnt down on my brothers street in Titirangi 34 years ago (it was a 4 square on Opou Rd) however I'm having no luck here. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can find information and pics on this?

Cheers in advance!
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Back Packers in Auckland City [08 Apr 2010|03:12pm]

[ mood | curious ]


I'm celebrating my birtday in town and I was wondering which back packers club you would suggest?
I originaly found Fat Camel using google but I read some reviews saying there was no where safe to put there belongings, no locks on the bathroom and maybe even no lock on their room door.

I then googled and found Base Back Packers and the review said some rooms had no windows but Flouresent lights instead. I don't really care about how noisy it will be because we will most likely be drunk and tired from clubbing - I just want to be safe and comfortable.

I'm hoping no more expensive than $30 per person and close to all the best clubs :P
What can you suggest?

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Auckland on a Thursday night [07 Feb 2010|09:40pm]

Hi all. I'm looking to pick the collective Auckland brain and get some advice. A mate and I are up to Auckland soon for the Faith No More concert on a Thursday night. We're only up for the night, so hoping to make the most of it by heading into the city after the concert for some drinks and an all round good night out.

So what I need to know from you good folk is where the bars are busy on a Thursday night in Auckland. It's been a couple of years since I lived in Auckland and I sort of remember Thursday as being the night Ponsonby was busy, but if anyone had any suggestions about where in the city (including Ponsonby, Parnell, etc) is popular on a Thursday, I would really appreciate the advice. Also any head's up about some good bars that might have sprung up over the last couple of years that are worth checking out would be most welcome.
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Hula Hooping [06 Jan 2010|02:56pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Been reading about the health benefits of hula hooping and hoopdance, and was curious to know if anyone else has given it a go?

Does anyone know of classes or groups in Auckland?

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Affordable Dentists near Queen St? [23 Nov 2009|08:27pm]

Needing to go to a dentist for a general clean and checkup, but not wanting to pay CBD inflated prices, but still want to get good service.

Any recommendations for dental clinics on or within 15 min walk from Downtown or Queen St?

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[06 Nov 2009|11:37am]

Can anyone recommend a fridge repair company? We're in Papakura.
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Canadian Teacher Looking For Help For New Zealand ?? [28 Oct 2009|11:47am]

Does anyone here have any advice for a Canadian wanting to move to NZ to teach? I'm trying to find people to connect with to ask "real" questions to and it's proving quite difficult to find anyone who doesn't just spout off a web address. Please let me know if you are/know anyone who teaches so I could maybe ask a few questions!

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Storage [28 Oct 2009|09:38am]

[ mood | tired ]

Hi all,

I'm moving to the UK at the end of the year and I have a lot of stuff, so I'm going to need to put it in storage. I was wondering if anyone here had any recommendations about who to use or not use?


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[15 Oct 2009|11:07pm]

Hello all!

Just a brief promotional post for a community I'm trying to get off the ground over at kiwi_mods It's pretty quiet right now, but I think it could be quite a useful resource for any of the questions and discussion about where to go for a tattoo/piercing/etc.

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TradeMe [08 Oct 2009|08:45pm]

I'm having trouble getting my trademe auctions uner the noses of the people who need clothes and Dean Martin VHS Tapes. =D

X Posted, in full with photos in a community called tradmenz

All of my listings on TradeMe

Happy Posting!!
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Auckland Uni students wanted [02 Oct 2009|11:16pm]

For some reason, my update attempts keep endiing in internet errors....

Greetings all; I'm looking for victims volunteers currently studying or working at Auckland uni to answer a survey for me. I'm doing postgrad marine science and am gathering lots of lovely statistics whimper on what people know/think about marine reserves in New Zealand.

I'm comparing faculties to see if there's a difference between Arts and Business etc - so if you answer nothing else, PLEASE tell me your degree area?

The survey is under the cut, so be warned before clicking!

There are 13 questions, not including basic demographic data. Answer as many questions as you wish – if you don’t know the answer, or nothing fits, leave it blank.
If you would answer, i'd be very grateful, i need more data within two weeks (one week is better!). You can answer in a comment - anon, or not, the statistics wil be anonymous. And comments are screened! (will unhide general questions unless requested otherwise)

And if you are interested in the results, let me know. And if you feel like passing this on to more people... :D let's just say I'd be very happy.


The surveyCollapse )








x-posted to journal,u_of_auckland
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Studying Psychology [02 Oct 2009|10:56am]

Am trying to find psychologists in Auckland I can chat with about studying it here in Auckland, the best institute to study it through and the different options available once graduated. Can anyone help? :)
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